Agriturismo "Olhovo"


About us

          Good day! My name is Krasnovsky Evgeny, the owner of the agro-eco-house.
         I love to come to the village. The warmest memories from childhood is about village. Early in the morning, a cock screams from the courtyard, and the aroma of fresh milk and fresh pastriesare going from the kitchen... Everything here is different, not like in the city. Sure, life in the village through the eyes of a child and the eyes of an adult is different.
          Household, work on the plot require attention, knowledge. This is the daily work without days off. And we must understand that the result depends on youself, on self-organization, well-coordinated and planned work. And the land will certainly repay for the work that nave been invested in it, for daily attention and exchange of energy.
           Life in the countryside for enthusiastic people. Especially if a person has changed a big city into a small village. We are one of those,


who did not afraid to do it. The desire to build a house and plant more than one tree, to keep a large farm, to grow on your personal plot natural, delicious and healthy food... - all this brings great pleasure! And I also want to share with all of this, to give a piece of myself, my warmth, to show you Belarusian hospitality.
            We are waiting for the meeting with everyone who decide to come to us. We hope to see in each guest a friend with whom you can sit in a close family circle with a cup of aromatic herbal tea and talk about life, joys, experiences, share experiences, geting advices. We are open for everybody and for everyone!
            Your good mood, smiles, a second visit to the agro destination is the highest estimate for us, it is our confidence that we are doing our job well.

  Welcome to the agro-eco-village "Olhovo"!

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